5th March - 7:30pm

Mollimór - High energy Irish/Celtic music.

Previously known at The Molly Maguires, Mollimór have been active in Gippsland for a couple of decades, evolving from a group of friends getting together for a social event, to the current line-up who have been together 8 years, producing a rich and varied sound. They are now a high energy Celtic/Irish band, with a wide repertoire ranging through traditional songs & tunes from all parts of the Celtic world, to covers of more contemporary artists. The Mollys also play many original traditional style tunes and some songs, with all four instrumental players contributing material. The occasional a slow & beautiful melody lulls you into calm before the next high octane tune transports you to foot tapping dance mode.

The Mollys have played at music festivals in Gippsland, as well as local community events, pubs & clubs, Gippsland Acoustic Music Club and many private functions.


Ricky Allen - Piedmont (fingerstyle) blues guitar player.

Fingerstyle blues is Ricky's passion. Since discovering it at the nation folk festival a year ago it has been my obsession to play and perfect this unique style of playing where bass melody and harmony is played simultaneously. Mississippi John Hurt, Skip James and the like are now in my blood and i strive to continue their tradition. 
Ricky is currently writing and recording an album in this style with poet and colleague Rodney Williams.

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