Sunday 4th September - 7:30pm (Episode 07) - Season Finale


Live from the West Gippsland Arts Centre in Warragul.

Melissa Pollard - Singer Songwriter

With musicians in the family, Mel’s curiosity for music and playing instruments began early.  By the time she was around 7, Mel’s Dad had taught her how to play the trumpet and read music.  She started playing duets with him to entertain the neighbours and this lead to her playing cornet in the City of Traralgon Brass Band.  But as much as she learned and gained from the brass band experience, Mel knew she was a rock chick at heart and by the time she was 8, she had written her first song.  Soon after, Mel started to learn the drums.  Her uncle had a kit and showed her the ropes.  From there she listened to her favourite songs and mimicked them.  But it was in High School that everything changed, because that’s when she was shown how to play a few chords and riffs on the guitar.  It was then that she taught herself how to play songs by ear, and finally found the missing link to her song writing. 

On November 20, 2015, Mel supported one of her idols, Aussie rock goddess Sarah McLeod, at the Latrobe Valley Hotel.  As well as Baby Animals, Alanis Morissette and countless other inspiring female-fronted acts, McLeod’s band, Superjesus were instrumental in Mel’s development as a performer, so this was an exciting opportunity for her.

Mika Harrington - Singer Songwriter

Gippsland born and bred, 28 year old Micka Harrington has been plying his trade with Guitar in hand over the region for over 10 years performing gigs from Melbourne to Sydney. he is now trying to bring his original tunes to the world.

Influenced by artists such as Crowded House, Jeff Buckley and Bob Dylan his warm lyrics and beautiful melodies will capture your heart.

In addition to his music career, Micka has competed in amateur boxing and compete in the Gippsland - Dancing with our stars.

The Matt Borg Trio

A friendship spanning 20 years is culminating in a trio of fun loving, groove orientated Blues music with roots in Funk and Soul. The Matt Borg Trio are a musically energetic band that sound bigger than their 3 piece size would have you expect. 

“The Matt Borg Trio take the blues and inject it with funk and soul. This is Blues for the 21st century. Get on it now!”  - Barry Maxwell, Blues on The Hill radio / International Judge, International Blues Challenge 

Lead by the vocals and old school driving Blues axe, Matt Borg pushes the boundaries of what it means to be a Blues guitarist. His lyrics can take the listener on a journey that is reminiscent of the Blues masters, whilst maintaining a new school edge and with current, relevant stories to tell. The rhythm section of the Trio most certainly does not take a back seat, with  deep funk grooves, rock enthusiasm and roots in the R&B masters of old. Micky D’s basslines sit deep in big pockets that work in perfectly with the old school Blues of Matt and solid, driving pulse and deep funk of Jonesy on drums.

The sound that comes out of the cacophony of styles, variations and feels is an eclectic, heavy Blues with major sonic influences of the funk, soul and classic R&B bands of old.

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